“For most homeless families, lacking a permanent place to live is a temporary condition; a crisis through which they will pass successfully given the right support and assistance.  It is neither a permanent state of being nor a permanent characteristic that defines the family or its members.”

Landlords who rent to participating families in our program play a vital role in community development; by giving the families a chance to succeed you are opening a door for them that can lead to stronger landlord/tenant relations, increased financial independence and children who are able to not only survive but thrive within a stable and sober living environment.

Program participants have comprehensive case management provided by their case managers. What this means for you, as the landlord, is greater peace of mind. Prior to placement, each tenant is carefully screened and assessed by the case manager, who in turn will continue to meet with the participant regularly and provide on-site follow-up.

Families in Transition is committed to building strong, lasting relationships with the landlord. You can help by renting to our families.

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