Families In Transition offers many resources to our clients including


FLIP classes 

A free class provided to clients to help them learn useful financing skills, such as balancing a budget, saving for the future, and taking control of your credit.

Case Management 

We have a team of highly skilled case managers who work on getting to know each of their clients individually, and coming up with case plans that fit their needs. Case Managers are here to help program participants throughout their time in our program and answer any questions or concerns that they may have.

Rental Assistance 

Although the amount of financial assistance each participant receives varies widely on a case by case basis, some of the types of rental assistance include, short term rental payments, deposits, first months rent and last months rent.

Home Visits 

Our Case Managers are trained at making sure that the rentals of program participants are habitable and meat all safety standards.

Tenant Retention Services 

We work hard with our clients to make sure they understand the importance of being a good tenant and neighbor. We strongly believe in the importance of good Landlord – Tenant relationships, that is why we strive to make sure that our program participants do everything in their power to be excellent tenants.



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