Housing Scholarship Program (HSP)

HSP is a joint effort between CalWORKs of County of Santa Cruz Human Services Department and Families In Transition. This program provides financial support for people in CalWORKs approved trainings.  Having stable housing greatly increases a person’s chances of finishing their education/training and  becoming self sufficient. HSP participants receive  4 months to one year of rental assistance and comprehensive case management during the training period.  Upon completion of training families obtain employment and remain in their homes, paying their rent independently.

Participant Stories 

Katie had been a full-time homemaker for many years. When her husband left the family she suddenly became the sole support for herself and her two children. Having no luck finding employment with outdated skills, Katie applied for CalWORKS benefits and was placed in a medical billing training program. Katie was referred to the Housing Scholarship Program, where she was helped with a rent subsidy to keep her home while she got back on her feet. Her FIT Case Manager also helped Katie to learn to budget on a limited income. Katie completed her training, found full-time employment, has worked her way off aid and is now completely self-sufficient.

Daniel was a young man who suddenly became the sole guardian of his infant daughter when the baby’s mother abandoned her. Daniel had been a full-time student barely scraping by doing odd-jobs, and sharing a home with multiple roommates. Desperate for a way to provide a stable home for his baby girl, Daniel was referred to Cal-WORK’s and the Housing Scholarship Program. He and his FIT Case Manager developed a plan that included housing assistance and modifying his educational program to obtain certification that would lead to employment within a year.  In order to increase his stability Daniel chose to share a home with another single parent he met at school. The Housing Scholarship Program subsidized Daniel’s share of the rent while he completed his training, and the two parents shared childcare duties to accommodate their busy schedules.

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