The CalWORK’s Housing Assistance Move-in Program – CHAMP, is specifically designed to meet the needs of CalWORK’s families who are homeless and who are working towards building stability and long-term self-sufficiency. Participants work with specialists in Case Management and Housing Development to develop a range of specific skills that will help them to obtain and maintain stable housing long-term. Financial assistance is individualized and may include payments for security deposit, first months rent, last months rent, short-term rental subsidy and related costs. Once the family is stably housed the focus turns towards reaching goals for increased self-reliance and family well-being.

Client Story

Sophia was a young mom who was working part- time at a day care center and attending school to obtain her Early Childhood Education Degree. She had been staying here and there, with her daughter while trying to save up enough for her own place. Eventually she ran out of friends to stay with and she ended up at the Rebele Shelter. When her daughter was a baby she had signed up on the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list. While at the shelter her name came to the top of the list. Sophia was ecstatic that she could finally provide a stable home, but had no money for moving expenses. The CHAMP program helped Sophia with a security deposit, and even helped with utility deposits. Sophia was able to move into her new home and complete her education, leading to a full- time job and working her way off of CalWORKS assistance.


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