The Clean and Sober Shared Transitional Housing for Families with Children Program ( also known as Housing & Urban Development Drug & Alcohol or HUD/DA ) is a HUD sponsored project that provides intensive supports to families in recovery from substance abuse. Parents who have struggled with alcoholism and other chemical addictions often face extensive barriers to stability for themselves and their children. By living in transitional housing with other families with the same issues they are able to focus on the development of a healthy, clean and sober support system as they rebuild their lives. Case Managers help the family in navigating treatment, finances, Child and Family Services requirements, parenting and other issues. Over time participants in this program develop the skills to successfully transition to independent permanent housing in the community.


Kyla was referred to FIT by a residential treatment center. In order to reunify with her children who were in foster care Kyla had to remain clean and sober and provide a stable home. Kyla moved into a Clean and Sober Shared Transitional Housing unit. Over her 12 months in the program Kyla successfully completed her court ordered treatment program, developed strong relationships in the recovery community, reunified with her two children- Dylan and Tara, and found employment.  She also developed a solid support system with another program participant. The two women found shared housing in the community upon program completion and currently assist each other with childcare and household responsibilities. Having someone else in recovery to rely on has helped Kyla to succeed in staying clean and sober and providing a stable, healthy home for her children.



This program is provided primarily through funding by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development:



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